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SELECT Trial Results (semaglutide)

SELECT Trial’s top-line results drove the biggest spike in GLP-1 interest in 20 months.

HCP online conversations about GLP-1 receptor agonists hit a 20-month high on August 8th, driven by Novo Nordisk’s press release touting semaglutide’s 20% reduction in the risk of MACE. Despite the lack of full data, cardiologists are intrigued, driving 43% of early conversation about the trial.

In this brief report:

  • ASSESS HCP interest in the SELECT trial top-line results (semaglutide) announcement by Novo Nordisk on August 8th
  • UNDERSTAND immediate HCP reaction to headlines boasting 20% reduction in major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE)
  • IDENTIFY HCPs who are emerging as influential voices in the discussion, as the medical community awaits full data later this year

Topline SELECT Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial results drove cardiologist speculation about GLP-1 agonists as a potential alternative to PCSK9 inhibitors like Repatha and Praluent.

Meet Dr.Glaucomflecken

Social media star “Dr. Glaucomflecken” is Portland ophthalmologist Will Flanary, MD.

Dr G’s videos range from incisive commentaries on the culture of medicine in the US, to comedic explorations of medical specialties’ eccentricities, to no-holds-barred criticism of the health insurance industry. HCPs are his biggest fans. Be sure to explore his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter for content relevant to the culture of medicine and the medical insurance industry.

In this brief report:

  • UNDERSTAND what makes Dr G the most well-liked and respected influencer among HCPs.
  • ANALYZE Dr G’s ability to engage and rally HCPs — across specialties, genders, and career stage

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