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Are you tapped in?

Every day, the most accomplished and influential minds in medicine are engaged in an expansive and fast-moving online conversation about the topics and questions of most relevance to them.

Are you tapping the potential of medical Twitter to learn what matters most to the healthcare providers who matter most to your business?

A powerful complement

Essential HCP provides life science companies and analysts insights into what the most influential doctors and other health care providers think and the decisions they make - about treatments, clinical trial results, and current events — mined from the medical community’s thriving global conversation on Medical Twitter.

Essential HCP offers a powerful complement to traditional HCP market research: faster and unbiased HCP intelligence at-scale.

A powerful complement

Data Integrity

Comprehensive HCP-only database. No spam, bot, media, or investor content

Custom Reports

Data-backed analysis that answers your research questions, quickly.

Common Questions:

What are HCPs saying about my drug and how does this differ from the competition?

How are HCPs reacting to new clinical trial results, FDA approvals, or FDA labeling requirements?

What topics and questions most interest HCPs across specialties? What content will be most engaging to them?

Who are the most influential KOLs driving the HCP conversation? Are my KOL assumptions correct?

Let's talk about how Essential HCP can help you drive better decisions with fast, unbiased, HCP intelligence at-scale.

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