Long-time pioneers in the field of online anthropology: insight generation through the linguistic analysis of unstructured online conversation data.

Brook and Kirsten spent 15 years building MotiveQuest, a boutique online anthropology firm which blended technology and insight professionals to serve Fortune 1000 clients. MotiveQuest was one of the first companies to mine online conversations for rich behavioral consumer insights. While many tech-only competitors came and went, MotiveQuest succeeded by pioneering an approach which blended technology and human intelligence. MotiveQuest was acquired by market research firm LRW in 2016.

Essential HCP is the product of a decade and a half of developing best-practice techniques for quickly extracting high-value intelligence from high-volumes of naturally-occurring conversations.

Essential HCP offers a powerful complement to traditional HCP market research: faster and unbiased HCP intelligence at-scale.




Richmond, VA

Portland, OR

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