Gut Check: Consumer and HCP Conversation about the Gut Microbiome


The market for gut microbiome products and services, including dietary supplements, microbiome sequencing services, and functional foods and beverages, is expected to reach nearly $1.4 billion by 2029.

Consumers are confident that the gut microbiome holds the keys to better health

Consumer experimentation with the microbiome is driven by frustration with unsatisfactory physician-directed treatment of medical conditions and belief that microbiome therapeutics offer better quality of life than prescription treatments.


To HCPs, gut microbiome science is intriguing - but far from impacting treatment

HCPs are intrigued by the gut microbiome’s potential, generating over 14,000 online conversations, podcasts, and tutorials on the subject in the last 15 months. But current science is still considered far from impacting treatment protocols.

HCPs are most excited about microbiome research results in the context of oncology. In fact, oncologists generate 20% of HCPs’ microbiome discussions, trailing only gastroenterologists (33%).


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