Addressing underrepresentation in medicine


“We are happy to make sure this transition does not break you like it as so many others, & we want to see you succeed with minimal financial worries. Residency is tough. We can help.”

- Dr Farrah-Amoy Fullerton, PGY1 and MedGradWishList co-founder, pediatrics


Pervasive underrepresentation in medicine (URiM) of Black, Latino, and Indigenous HCPs is one of the fastest-growing topics of conversation among HCPs online. Concern about systemic access barriers to the medical profession spans medical specialties, but is most urgently promoted by surgeons, pediatricians, and internal medicine physicians.

MedGradWishList crowdsources financial and emotional support for incoming URiM residents, and has spawned similar movements in pharmacy and psychiatry networks.

In the Essential HCP report:

  • LEARN about MedGradWishList, a crowdsourced HCP effort to support new URiM resident physicians.
  • ANALYZE what this year’s inbound URiM med school grads need most as they transition to residency.
  • DISCOVER opportunities to support HCPs in their efforts to address one of the biggest challenges in medicine.

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